What is the Purpose of the DNS Cache? How DNS Cache Server Works?

What is the Purpose of the DNS Cache?

A DNS cache is a temporary database, maintained by the computer operating system. That contains the records of all the recent visits and attempted visits and other internet domains.

Then what is the purpose of the DNS cache memory and the DNS cache working purpose?

In this we provide you the information about the DNS cache and what is the purpose of the DNS cache.

What is the Purpose of the DNS Cache

What is the Purpose of the DNS?

The purpose of the DNS server is that the internet relies on the Domain Name System (DNS) to maintain an index of all pubic websites and their corresponding IP addresses.

  • On accessing a particular web address browser initiate the request to resolve the Internet name of the requested resource and retrieve corresponding IP address.
  • Whenever the user will visit the website by its host name, the name web browser initiates a request out to the internet.
  • But this request is cannot be completed until the site name is converted into an IP address.
  • Then the DNS cache server attempts to speed up the process.
  • There are actually DNS caches at every hierarchy of the “lookup” process that ultimately gets your computer to load the website.
  • Then the computer reaches your router which contains your (Internet Service Protocols) ISP which might hit the other ISP before ending up at “root DNS servers”.
  • Each of the points in the process has a DNS cache to speed up the name resolution process.

By using the DNS cache server achieves the time saving and higher efficiency while eliminating traffic loads for unnecessary request to the DNS server.

How Does This DNS cache Server Works?

The working process of the DNS server is as follows.

  • The operating system of a device connected to the internet first look for the IP address of the requested host name in its DNS cache database records.
  • The temporary memory of a computer system contains the DNS cache.
  • Then the DNS cache updates itself to reflect the most recent visit domains along with their IP address retrieved from the DNS server at the time of the request.

This is the working process of the DNS cache server.

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