How to Change Linksys Router Name & Password

Change Your Linksys Wireless router name and Password: How to Change Linksys Router Name and Password. Ste by step to Change wireless network’s name (SSID) on a Linksys

How to Change WiFi Name and Password Linksys Router

Yes you can Change Your Linksys WIFI Router Name & Password with in 5 minutes. Every wireless network router, Linksys router does not come with a default name which is also called SSID. The name SSID refers to Service Set Identifier. If you install the router for the first time and configure as per your requirements you can get your router name by default Network name (SSID) is basically the device’s wireless network name and is one of the ways of securing your wireless network.

The SSID is shared by all devices in your wireless network and therefore, has to be unique since this will identify your wireless network from the rest. Then how to change your Linksys router name or (SSID)?

In this we provide you the information how to change your Linksys router name.

How to Change Your Linksys Router’s Name

Steps to follow to change your Linksys router name

The below are the steps to follow t change the name or SSID of your Linksys router.

  • To change the name or (SSID) of your router, you have to access the router’s web based setup page.
  • For accessing the setup page first of all set your hardware connection by using the WAN port connect the router and your laptop.
  • And then in your browser enter “” in the address bar and press enter button.
  • Then routers setup page will appear in the screen, in which you have to enter the login credentials of your router.change linksys router name
  • And then in the routers setup home page, choose for the “wireless” option and click on it.
  • Then you will see the two options such as “manual” and “WiFi protected setup”.
  • Choose for the “Manual” option, in that you will see some options.
  • In that the option called “network name (SSID)” in that edit the name by default it contain and enter you required name.
  • And then click on the “Save Settings ” Button with in 1 minute new changes will apply.

By this you can change your Linksys router name.

How to Change Linksys Router Password (Wifi Password)

Follow the procedure given above and do this simple two steps to change wifi router password.

in the Wireless option, Select a security mode below menu next to “Security Mode” option like this.

Change the option from Disabled to WPA2 Personal, Give your new password there.

Press save settings blue color button. Your linksys wireless router will restarted with new name and password. Read our next article about how do i secure my linksys wireless router with a password soon.

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