JIO Glass Demo, Price, News, Review, Jio Glasses official website

The big telecommunication-giant Reliance Jio announces a Mixed Reality glasses dubbed Jio Glass. JIO Glass Demo, Price, News, Review, Jio official website

JIO Glass

The famous telecommunication company in India Reliance Jio has taken the tech-world with a storm. The company held a unique virtual general meeting AGM, but it was quite different and more promising, giving new inventions. The Reliance Jio showcased its amazing products and discoveries, including the exquisite mixed-reality glasses named Jio Glass, an excellent presentation and appealing to the shareholders. The company had other developments that will impact the whole country with the 5G network connection. The project is use as home-grown technology with devices such as Jio TV plus, Jio Mart Jio meet, etc.

JIO Glasses
JIO Glasses

The Annual general meeting (AGM) was done on 15 July 2020, and the company’s fantastic discovery amid the epidemic comes with smart mixed-reality glasses. The Jio glasses is a hybrid or blending of virtual worlds and the real-life world, giving a new technological environment and conception. It’s more of the digital and physical co-existing in the current real-life. Reliance Jio aims to provide products that simplify daily life where people can meet digitally without the physical need.

Reliance Jio Demo by Kiran Thomas president of the company

The company’s president had an easy time demonstrating how well the Jio Glass technology works. These being a promising project for companies who want to hold a meeting without physical contact or schools using virtual classes. The president Kiran Thomas said “hello Jio, please call Aakash and Isha” automatically the Jio Glasses made a call to Aakash and Isha Ambani.  The two were reflect where Aakash was shown on the 3D avatar, and Isha also joined on a 2D video call interface. The call demonstrated how Jio Glass would make life easy, helping in classes and meetings.

Jio Glass Specifications

  • The Jio Glass has a high-resolution display that offers excellent experience in holographic content.
  • Users can interact using 3D avatars and other 2D video call interface.
  • Jio Glasses mixed-reality has a personalized audio system accommodating all types of audio formats.
  • The glasses work without any external support/attachments.
  • They work well in a virtual supported environment, making it easy to share 3D assets and holograms.
  • The company plans to implement the Jioglass for virtual 3D and holographic classes in the country.
  •  The glasses can be connect to the cloud to conduct Jio mixed-reality cloud classes where a cable will be connect to the user’s smartphone. 
  • The exclusive Jio Glasses is design with a considerable weight of 75 grams.
  • It supports more than 25 applications as the company promises to add more apps to the list next year.

Reliance Jio Glass

Reliance Jio company didn’t offer any price for the Jio Glass technology or when they plan to release the products to the general public.

The 43rd AGM stirred a lot of curiosity as the country awaits the Jio glasses, which will ease the user’s task and also assist during this epidemic times where social distance is essential. Companies and schools can implement the technology and keep everyone safe, thanks to Reliance Jio company.

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