Netgear Genie App Download and its Features & How It Works

About Netgear Genie App and its Features Genie Mobile App User Manual

Netgear Gene is desktop application that runs on both PC and MAC. Netgear Company is providing this app to the users for free of cost.

And it can be downloaded from the Netgear website. But make ensure that your router is running the latest firmware or not. Because, not all the genie functions are supported on older firmware.

By using the Genie Netgear app you can avail and done the functions directly from your desktop.

  • You can see a graphical map of all your network connected devices.
  • Easily change the routers SSID and password from your desktop.
  • You can perform a network speed test.
  • And set up a guest network for friends and families.

Netgear Genie App and its Features

Features of this Netgear Genie App

The free Netgear Genie app lets you easily monitor, connect and control your home network from a Windows or MAC computers, tablets and smart phones.

With this genie app you can share music, videos, diagnose and repair the network issues, setup parental control and more.

The following are the more features that users can enjoy with the genie app.

  • Access your router and change its settings or diagnose and repair network issues.
  • Make a printer AirPrint compatible so that you can print form an IPad or IPhone.
  • Use My media to find and play the media files in your network.
  • Use Turbo Transfer to quickly send files from your computer or smart phone to another device on the network.
  • Bu using this you can set up parental control to your router.
  • Connect your smart phones and tablets to your home WiFi by scanning the WiFi QR code from genie.

These are the few features we can available by installing the Netgear genie app.

Netgear genie app download

The following is the link which is provided to download the Netgear Genie app.

Netgear genie download for android: Direct Link

Netgear genie download for mac: Direct Link

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