OpenWrt Access Point Mode Configuration Step by Step (LAN and Wireless)

OpenWrt Access Point Mode Configuration step by step (LAN and PUBLIC wireless)

If you are using an OEM firmware in your router, then it is essential to install the OpenWrt firmware to increase the speed and performance of the router.

Then what is meant by OpenWrt firmware?

OpenWrt is an open source firmware under GNU license. It is developed by the OpenWrt core team to provide additional features for OEM brand routers to speed up router performance more than default firmware.

While upgrading to your router with the OpenWrt firmware you should upload it with the correct firmware, the version that is suitable for your router or else it will damage your router hardware.

After downloading the open source software from the web, you have to make configuration. Then how to make OpenWrt Access point mode configuration?

The below is the procedure to follow for making access point mode configuration.

OpenWrt Access Point Mode Configuration

How to make OpenWrt Access Point Mode Configuration

Configuration for the OpenWrt access point mode configuration must be made without errors so read the steps twice and then start configuration.

The below are the steps to follow make OpenWrt Access Point Mode Configuration.

  • Before the starting of the configuration your laptop/PC must have same series of IP address in LAN properties. And then start configuration.
  • For configuration open the browser in your laptop and type in the address bar and press enter button.
  • Then Openwrt page with Authorization required is displayed on the screen.
  • Enter the default username and password in the login credentials.

Username is root and password has to keep blank and no need to enter.

  • After login you get a yellow color notification that is password is not set.
  • To set the password click on notification and set up the strong password.
  • And then go to Network option click on WiFi and click edit button.
  • By default openwrt is set to disable and set it to enable.
  • And then put the name for your WiFi network.
  • And change the mode option into Access Point.
  • Click on LAN and un tik the WWAN.
  • Then set wireless security, next tab to wireless security.

This is how you can configure your router with the openwrt access point mode configuration.

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