How Does Private IP Address Works? What Are the Ranges

How does Private IP address works & What Are the Ranges?

Before knowing how private IP address works, first of all we will see what is meant by Private IP Address?
Home routers have their local address set to a default, private IP address number. It’s usually the same address for the other models from that manufacturer, and it can be seen in the manufacturer documentation.
There is an authority which reserves the Internet Protocol address called (Internet Assigned Number Authority) reserves the following IP address for use as a Private IP address.

  • to
  • to
  • to

Then why these Private IP address are used? And what is the necessity to use private IP address?

How Does Private IP Address Works? What Are the Ranges

Why Private IP address are used?

Private IP address provide an entirely separate set of addresses that still allow access on a network but without taking up a public IP address space.
Means in the private IP address network you cannot have the communication between your routers to neighboring router, where as in public routers the routers will have the communication between the neighbor router and also the network router. But in the private we can access the internet that which router will indirectly connects to the network.

Then how this Private IP addresses works

How does Private IP Address works?

  • These private IP address are indirectly connected to the internet. So these private addresses don’t have to be unique.
  • These private IP address ranges are used for the protected network behind network translation devices.
  • In private routers are connected to the internet and from there, it connects to the other devices such as computers, printers laptops, etc.
  • These set of IP addresses can b used by anyone and even if anyone else is using the same IP, then it won’t be a problem because these are non-routable address.

This is how the Private IP addresses works and its ranges. Read our next article about What is difference between public IP and private IP address? by –

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