How to Reset Your Wireless Router, All Type of Modems? (Password)

Step By Step To Reset Your Wireless Router, Change Router Admin Password

Resetting Wireless router for changing Router admin password ( Login Details): If you wish to reset your wireless router then how you can reset it? There are several reasons behind resetting the settings of the router like forgetting the password of the router, due to performance and connectivity issues and block the unauthorized users. Like this several reasons to reset the wireless router.
For that in this we provide you the information about how to reset your router. The below is the process to reset your wireless router.

Steps to Reset your Wireless Router:

The below are the steps to follow to reset your wireless router manually. Once you have reset your router the password for logging into the web interface and the Wi-Fi password will be reset to its default passwords.

There are two ways to reset the router.

How To Soft Reset Wireless Router:

  1. We can reset a router is that restoring the factory defaults from inside the web admin interface.
    For that you have to enter the IP address of your router and type that address in the address bar of your browser.
  2. Then you are get accessed to router interface webpage. In that you will get Restore Defaults and Restore Factory Settings.
  3. These options will come under different headings depending on the type of router.
  4. After that router willfully rebooted and the router will be back to its original factory default state.
  5. Then to access the internet from router you have to enter the default login credentials and then you can customize them and setting as per your choice.

Another type of reset is Hard Reset.

How to hard reset your wireless router any Company modem

How to Hard Reset Wireless Router:

  1. Hard reset is the type you can reset the router physically.
  2. Means every wireless router will have a reset pin/ hole in its back side.
  3. You have to do is, insert a piece of paper or small pin into the hole and hold down for 10 to 15 seconds.
  4. At this point of time you should see the wireless router lights flash, blink and simply restart.
  5. Once it is rebooted, the router is back to its original factory default settings.
  6. By following the above steps you can reboot or reset your router to its original factory default settings.

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