How to Setup a 2Wire Wireless Router (2701hg-b) Configure in 5 Mins

How to Setup/ Configure 2Wire Wireless Router (2701hg-b)?

Step By Step Procedure to Set up Your 2Wire Wireless Router: 2wire routers are also been used for wireless internet access. And the 2wire router can be set to work with various internet providers. The set up of 2wire router is quite same as the other routers set up.

So Here we provide you the information about how to set up a 2wire router?

The below are the steps to follow to set up a 2 wire router in your home or office.

How to Setup a 2Wire Wireless Router (2701hg-b) Configure
How to Setup a 2Wire Wireless Router (2701hg-b) Configure With in 10 Minutes

Step By Step Guide to Follow to Set up a 2wire Wireless Router:

By following the below steps you can Set up a 2wire Wireless Routers

  • To setup the 2 wire router first of all place the router is that select the location for it. That which is central and where the router can be placed with minimal chances of it being knocked over.
  • And after placing the router insert the power cable to the router and then switch on the router using the power button which is located on the back side of the router.
  • Then you have to connect modem to the router, if you have a separate modem connect to this router using the Ethernet cable. And then connect the modem to the router at the plug which states something like “WAN” or uplink or “internet”. After that restart the router for recognizing the router.
  • Now you have to connect the router to a computer using a network cable.
  • Open the web browser in your computer and type IP address of your 2wire router and press enter. Then it redirects you to the login gateway.
  • In that login gateway you have to select “wireless”. And then in the login gateway page in the user name option enter “Admin” in it.
  • And that it will alter and access the default password. So need to type the password.
  • Then click on the submit option.
  • Next you have to enable the wireless security check box by clicking on the check box provided beside it.
  • And then change SSID into particular name as per your choice for your comfort as of ease of identity.
  • If you want to keep your network hidden then untick the SSID box.
  • And then select the Authentication type and do not change the default settings of the Authentication.
  • Then check the use customer wireless security key. And enter the key in it and save it.
  • Then the process of setup of a wireless in 2wire router is completed successfully.

You can access the 2wire router settings even without a working internet connection.

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