The Basics of Forward and Reverse IP Address Lookup

The basics of Forward and Reverse IP Address Lookup

Domain name and Internet IP address translation is the backbone process of internet communication.

Forward and Reverse IP address lookup are the two principle terms involved in the IP address lookup.

Then what are meant by domain names and IP addresses? And what is meant by Lookup services?

Let we have a look on them.

What is meant by Domain name and IP Address?

  • IP is a lengthy string of numbers, it would be difficult for a computer user to remember, and it would be susceptible to typographical errors.

For those reasons domain names are developed.

  • Generally we all uses the URLs of the website to enter into the website.
  • These URLs are easy to remember and less likely to contain typographical errors.
  • However these URLs are again converted into IP address that is an internal process.

What is meant by Lookup services and where it is used?

The below are the point which describes about the lookup services.

  • Several internet service support both forward and reverse IP lookup for public addresses.
  • On the internet, these services rely on the “Domain Name Systems” which are also called as DNS.
  • And these DNS are also called as Forward IP lookup and reverse IP lookup.
  • In a school or corporate LAN, private IP address lookup are possible.
  • These networks use internal name servers that perform the comparable function to DNS server on the internet.
  • In addition to the DNS the Windows Internet Naming Service is another technology that can be used to build up IP lookup services on private networks.

This is what about the lookup services. Besides the lookup services a few other programs are also available for address lookups on private and public networks. This is the basics & difference between forward lookup zone and reverse lookup zone.

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