Things should check when buying a New WiFi Router For Home & Office

Things should check when buying a new WiFi Router for Home & Office.

How to select the best WiFi router for Home: To access the Internet wireless to your devices, it must to fix the WiFi router. By using the WiFi router we can access the internet with in the specified area. Details are given below about how to choose router for home (or) Office

By using the username and password of the router we can connect to our systems.

For that choosing the best router we can experience the best signal strength and performance. Then how to choose for the best router and what are the specifications?

In this we provide you the information about the things should check when buying the new router.

how to choose router for home & Office

Specifications to Check before Buying a Wireless Router

The below are the specifications to check before buying a wireless router.

The things which we need to check while buying a new wireless router for our home or office are such as.

  • Transmission power of a WiFi router
  • Antenna Gain
  • Flash Size of the Router
  • RAM
  • Wireless Security type

Let’s see how we have to check these specifications.

Transmission Power: transmission power means transmitting power of a router.

  • The signal strength of a WiFi router is based on the transmitting power of a router.
  • If your router transmitting power is high, signal strength is also high.

Antenna Gain: antenna gain is the efficiency that your router will converts electric power into radio waves.

  • The more antennas gain the high signal direction of the router.
  • It s depend on the transmission power, and it is represented as Decibels (db’s).

Flash: Flash is a storage for installing the router software and other usable memory in the router.

  • The more flash memory size the more performance we can expect from the router.
  • Because the routers with less flash memory size, there is a possibility for hanging.
  • So it is better to buy router with high flash memory.
  • Generally flash memory will be available in the ranges from 2mb to 8mb.

Wireless Security Type: check whether the router is configured with latest security types or not.

  • Because if the security level is very low means it is very easy to hack the router password and to access the internet.
  • So check WEP, WPA, WPPA2, AESTKIP is updated security options.

RAM: RAM (Random Access Memory), it will stores the frequently configured programs to the router.

  • And it will contain the latest actions of the router and other content stored in it.
  • If it is low means chances for hanging is very high, so choose for high RAM routers.

So these are the specifications you must check before buying the router for your home or office. We are updating how to choose router for home?  10 Key Questions You Must know When Buying A New Wireless Router (Wifi Router) in our website

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