TOP 6 Best Free Alternative Firmware for Wireless Routers (Most Popular)

Best Alternative Open Source Firmware for Wireless Routers

TOP 6 Best Alternative Firmware for your Routers: To increase the performance of your home router and to turn on your slow router to the high speed router without any cost, you can install the free alternative firmware to increase the speed up your router and to increase the features of your routers.

Then why we have to use alternative firmware? And what are the best free alternative firmware for the routers.

The below are the details about the best top free alternative firmware for the routers.

Why we have to use Alternative Firmware For Routers?

Open source firmware software is the firmware’s which are developed by an experienced and expert team. It provides you the best connectivity and stability with extra features.

Many commercial routers doesn’t provide complete feature with their default router firmware.

So to increase the performance, features and stability of a router we have to use alternative open source firmware.

Top Free 6 Alternative Firmware for the Routers:

The below are the top and best free alternative firmware for the router.

1. OpenWRT Firmware: when we considered or thinking for the alternative firmware for the router, first of all we will get the option called OpenWRT.

openwrt firmware version
Openwrt firmware version
  • It is the open router platform. OpenWRT has a package management system that allows you to expand the router in any way as pr choice.
  • It does not have its built in GUI (Graphical User Interface).X-Wart is the extension which adds its functionality.
  • And had its ability to monitor your router as well as your performance monitoring over the web interface.

2. ChiliFire: it is an OpenWRT based Hotspot Management software. It provides Hotspot user authentication captive portal for its users.

chillifire firmware version
  • To make secure and managed network system. If you are looking for a cloud based hotspot user authentication captive portal solution.
  • Chilifire is the best alternative firmware for WiFi routers using authentication through cloud access.

3. Tomota Firmware: It is HypreWrt based wireless router firmware. And it is based on chipset wireless router.

tomato firmware screenshots
  • It is also considered as a best alternative firmware of OEM WiFi router.
  • It has the features like CLI, Telnet, SSH, DHCP server, AP Mode, Bridge Mode etc.

4. Gargoyle: it is the firmware which adds bandwidth management quota and network access rules to WRT54G and other routers.

gargoyle firmware supported routers
  • The web interface looks like a bit dated, but the functionality is all there.
  • There are some special features which you cannot get from any other firmware.
  • Such as DMZ configuration URL filtering and QOS for bandwidth management.
  • With this firmware you can also manage your bandwidth as per your Mac based and IP based limitations.

5. DDWRT: it is the most well known, distributed and tested of the alternative firmware.

ddwrt firmware supported routers
  • It is very easy to install and from your firmware upgrade page.
  • It is wide, free and it is available for a number of routers.

These are the few best firmware to use alternatively to your router. For more interesting articles about router configurations visit our website

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