VI Call History, How to Get Call History of VI Prepaid Number

Viewing Vodafone call history: Using Vodafone prepaid card, Itemized Ebil, Spyic, SMS, and The Official Portal. VI Call History, How to Get Call History of VI Prepaid Number at VI APP. Check Call History of VI at Review Vodafone Idea Call History. Vodafone Idea Call History 180 Days.

VI Call History

India has multiple renowned and affordable telecommunication services. Each Company provides unique services to customers to help maintain a good business partnership. Vodafone (Vodafone Essar Ltd) is a great telecommunication provider serving internationally. The company serves in India as a subsidiary of the Vodafone Group Plc. in the UK.

Vodafone users avail different services through the 3 & 4G networks. It’s easy to trace one’s call history as it’s saved for 30-31 days on the system. The call history section stores comprehensive call data from recent calls, duration time, and caller’s number and ID. The information is quite crucial and should be kept safely for reference.

Importance of VI call history

Call history is a significant section of any mobile device. The records can assist in various cases, such as:

  • Verifying criminal case of whether the user communicated with the alleged accuser.
  • Checking whether anyone made a call and you missed it.
  • Referring to past calls, if you wish to call the same person.
  • The user can check the date when they communicated with a particular person.

MY Vodafone Login Call History

VI Call History, How to Get Call History of VI Prepaid Number
VI Call History, How to Get Call History of VI Prepaid Number

Vodafone Call History

The Vodafone call history is updated every 15 minutes, saving call information for approximately 30 days. It activates or deactivates your call history, depending on your desires. If deactivated, the call history can only be viewed if activated once again.

How to Review Call History on Vodafone Idea Prepaid Number

  • Open the Vodafone app using your prepaid number
  • Proceed to the usage section
  • Click on the Deduction tab, and the call history will appear on your screen.

The Vodafone App might omit some call details like total numbers in the call history; therefore, if unsatisfied, you may try other methods like availing the Itemized Ebil.

How to review call history on Vodafone prepaid number through Itemized Ebil

An Itemized Ebil is given for six months. It offers complete details of the Vodafone call history since it consists of recharge history, data, voice, texts, and downloads of the prepaid number.

To use the Vodafone Itemized Ebil, prepaid users can contact customer care- at 199 or send a message to 199 after typing Ebil. A cash price of about Rs. 50 is charged on the Ebil, which takes 15 days of delivery from the requested date. On the other hand, users can also inquire about the call history bills by visiting the closest Vodafone care center.

How to Get Call History of VI Prepaid Number

Checking Vodafone call history

To monitor your call details, sign in to your account and proceed to call history. You will see the incoming and outgoing calls for the last 30 days and their details. If you want to view your call history of a specific duration, you may proceed through the following processes:

Checking Vodafone call history through Spyic

Spyic is a phone tracker that views incoming and outgoing calls and checks the number of calls made and their durations. Spyic enables Vodafone users to check their call history, phone location, WhatsApp messages history, Facebook messages, and other messages through the following steps:

  • Form a spyic account from your devise
  • Key in the needed information and sign up
  • Choose your aim device operating system; you need to check the call history
  • Select a planning requirement and pay up
  • Key in your mobile number, and the call details will appear on your screen

Vodafone Idea Call History 180 Days

The last six months Vodafone Idea Call History

  1. Get to your Google or Apple play store and install the VI app.
  2. Access the app, key in your Vodafone number, and select the OTP via SMS option.
  3. For about 2-3 seconds, an OTP will be sent to your mobile number.
  4. Sign in to your account
  5. Click on the History option
  6. Select the Deduction and Usage History options. The call history of your last six months will appear.

Sending SMS to Check Your VI Call History

Sending an SMS to Vodafone customer care is another option for checking call history. This method is efficient for people who like checking their call history now and then. The only challenge is that one can only obtain their latest monthly bills once the month ends.

How to Check Vodafone Call History in VI APP

Step by step to Get Call History of VI Prepaid Number Through VI APP. Checking the last call history on the Vodafone app

  • Get to the Google play store
  • Install My Vodafone app “VI” and launch it
  • Check in the Vodafone app
  • Register by keying in your mobile number and clicking on get OTP through SMS
  • Sign in to your account after receiving an OTP SMS
  • Select the history option and view your last call history

VI App Download link

How To Check Call History On VI Prepaid Number at

Checking Vodafone Idea (VI) call history from the Official Portal

This Portal is easy to use, keeps your call history private, and blocks call again. The Portal also provides the caller ID details, duration, date, time, and the number of calls you need. To check your call history on this Portal, you should:

  1. Visit the official website of Vodafone India through
  2. Tap on the Register now option
  3. Key in your Vodafone number
  4. Enter the OTP you receive and create a password
  5. Sign in to the website
  6. Proceed to My account
  7. Go to plan and usage
  8. Click on voice usage, and your call history, together with their details, will be viewed on the screen.

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  1. What are the call details viewed in the call history?

The call details include the date, time, duration of the call, and caller ID.

  1. What is the procedure for viewing calls from a number?

Check the call logs tab and search using the name or number you want. The call logs will be displayed on your screen.

  1. How long are the Vodafone users given the itemized Ebill?

The itemized ebill is given for six months to Vodafone users.

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