What is an IP Address and How Does an IP Address Work?

What is an IP address and how does an IP address work?

For every device connected to the network has an IP address. IP address or Internet Protocol address is the unique identification for the computers over the network.

Then how does an IP address work? And how does your computer get its IP address?

What is an IP address?

An IP address is an identity to a network device, which is unique. It helps you to locate the nearby devices by other devices on the internet. It also for enforce the right security mechanism.

  • Just as like the address of the house to send a letter via mail, computers use the unique identifiers.
  • These identifiers are used to send the data to the specified computers on a network.
  • All the computers on the network using TCP/IP protocol as the standard for how to communicate on the network.
  • In the TCP/IP protocol, the unique identifier for a computer is called its IP address.
What is an IP Address ? How Does an IP Address Work ?

How does your computer get its IP address?

Your IP address will be allotted by your Internet Service Providers (ISP). They has a pool of IP address.

  • They are assigned by the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), a service running on the network.
  • This will run on network hardware such as router or dedicated DHCP servers.
  • This dynamic IP address are issued using a leasing system, means it will active only for the limited time and automatically it will get the new IP address.

How does an IP address work?

The working of an IP address is follows.

  • If you want to send an email through online, that is possible only whne you are accessing the ntwork that is connected to the internet itself.
  • To send the mail to the particular member your computer uses the Internet Protocol, and your IP address is used as a virtual return address to establish a connection.

This is how the IP address work while sending a mail. This is an IP Address and How Does an IP Address Work.

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