No Service Validity Means, In VI, In Airtel

How to Understand No Service Validity and Its Meaning. No Service Validity Means, In VI, No Service Validity Means in Airtel

No Service Validity

With tech evolvement comes mysterious issues and discovery. Every solution has an attached technical problem that is known or will be known once it occurs. Technology has evolved and Smart phones are of significant use and allow one to connect globally. However, the phones and SIM cards can also present several hitches that deter their functionality.

Sims may react in a different manner from what one is used to. Either not receiving or sending SMS, not receiving or making calls which happens due several reasons. This article will teach you about these issues, why they happen, and how to respond to them.

No Service Validity Means

Meaning of No Service Validity.

Having different operators like Airtel, Vodafone, and Idea (VI), one may choose to recharge their number. Conveniently, one can go to the “Mobile recharge service platform” such as:

  • Phonepe.
  • VI app.
  • Airtel app.

You can find different planning types, yet some plans are available with no service Validity or Validity. Here are some of the mentioned types of plans:

  • Data packs.
  • Talk time.
  • Top-up vouchers.

If a recharge of a no-service validity plan in your mobile number does not function, you have to note that there is a lack of a service validity plan, meaning no use of the NA validity plan.The no-service validity plan works hand in hand with the service validity plan.

The true meaning of No service Validity is there is no service or service is not valid. Without the service the device cannot dial, receive calls or messages.

Today, one needs a service validity plan to use various types of NA validity plans and make calls. Your number should not be recharged with the service validity plan to make a call because you will need to recharge the service validity plan too. All incoming or outgoing calls demand a No service validity plan for the calls to go through. You need to have an activated validity service recharge plan to use the NA validity recharge plan. No service validity is when no outgoing or incoming calls go through due to the customer not using the service for a long time.

No Service Validity Means, In VI, In Airtel
No Service Validity Means, In VI, In Airtel

Validity NA in Recharge of VI or Airtel.

NA stands for Not Applicable, referring to the validity plans that are not applicable, have unlimited usage, and have an expiry date that does not exist in the plan. NA validity recharge does not function without a service validity recharge plan. Service recharge plans do not need a double recharge to use the validity services. The following are significant terms for one to know:

  • No outgoing SMS plan.
  • Service Validity plan.
  • Existing Validity plan.
  • No service validity.
  • NA validity.

No Outgoing Recharge SMS Plan

‘Many times, it occurs that when I send an SMS, I have to receive feedback in the same sim without any issues.’ These differ from the No Outgoing SMS recharge plan in which your sim can receive SMS, but you cannot send a feedback SMS. The only option is to get a recharge in your sim or use a different charge.

Service validity plan.

Recharge service validity refers to people who can call or talk to you on your mobile internet or SMS. When using the VI, Airtel, and Jio sim cards, you must recharge with a service validity to keep your mobile active. The existing validity plan can not affect the earlier recharge of the SIM card. When having a new recharge, link it with the former plan.

They are existing validity plans

You can use the existing plan if there is a recharge on your phone. These recharge plans do not work alone but must be accompanied by another recharge. Its validity is added to the already recharged plan and it’s mainly used in “Internet data packs.”

How to Check Vi (Vodafone Idea) Validity

Steps on how to see the Recharge plan in Vodafone Idea (VI).

Sometimes, validity gets over or expires, and it’s good to get a recharge plan before this happens to avoid difficulties in the internet and calling. To get the correct recharge plan for VI, follow the below steps:

  • One can go through the official VI website.
  • Search for the “Prepaid” tab on the homepage.
  • Press on the “Prepaid plans” option.
  • The list of the “best recharge plans” will show.
  • Choose your circle from the list of best recharge plan options.
  • From there, your best plan is offered.

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  1. What is the no-service validity recharge?

The no-service validity recharge plan is when your sim is not receiving outgoing or incoming calls via SMS because the customer has not been using it for a duration of time.

  1. Explain the meaning of No outgoing SMS recharge.

The no-outgoing SMS recharge is when you can only receive SMS on your sim, but you cannot send SMS from the same sim.

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